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A glossary of provincial and local words used in England. . 1790.

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  • lyte — lytè prv. Dẽgančios trobẽlės žiežirbos lytè li̇̀jo …   Bendrinės lietuvių kalbos žodyno antraštynas

  • -lyte — lyte, lytique CHIM éléments, du gr. lutos, qui peut être dissous …   Encyclopédie Universelle

  • -lyte — lyte1 [līt] [< Gr lytos < lyein: see LOSE] combining form a substance subjected to a process of decomposition (specified by the corresponding noun ending in LYSIS) [electrolyte] lyte2 [līt] combining form LITE …   English World dictionary

  • lyte — obs. f. leet n.2 Sc., light n., lite …   Useful english dictionary

  • lyte — pros·e·lyte; jas·pi·lyte; …   English syllables

  • lytė — 1 lytė̃ sf. (4) žr. 1 lytis 2: Nelytingas, neturįs lytės SD191. Gražios lytės merga N, [K] …   Dictionary of the Lithuanian Language

  • lytė — 2 lytė sf. žr. 2 lytis: 15 valčių maždaug paiškadytos tapė per lytes, arba ledines LC1879,2 …   Dictionary of the Lithuanian Language

  • lyte — s ( t, n) synligt kroppsligt funktionshinder, äv. själsligt lyte …   Clue 9 Svensk Ordbok

  • -lyte — I. ˌlīt, usu īd.+V noun combining form ( s) Etymology: Greek lytos that may be untied, soluble, verbal of lyein to loosen, dissolve more at lose : a substance capable of undergoing lysis (sense 2) electrolyte …   Useful english dictionary

  • -lyte — noun combining form Etymology: Greek lytos that may be untied, soluble, from lyein substance capable of undergoing (such) decomposition < electrolyte > …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • -lyte — lyte1 a combining form used in the formation of compound words that denote something subjected to a certain process (indicated by a noun ending in lysis): electrolyte. [ < Gk lytós able to be untied or loosened, soluble, verbid of lýein to loose …   Universalium

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